Per my insta-teaser, I’m beyonddddd excited to annouce I’m heading BACK to GREECE next week! And the best news…I’m going for y’all! Read on, I promise this won’t disappoint…

Sterling + I were in Naxos on our honeymoon when we stumbled upon a local sandal shop in the heart of Naxos Town. Being the shoe person I am, I instantly fell in love with the craftsmanship, style selection {ridiculously amazing}, colors + customization options available. About an hour and 1/2 later, we literally walked out of the store with 7 pairs to give to family + friends as gifts.

This love affair spurred a partnership with Grabr! Grabr is a global peer-to-peer delivery network. Grabr’s mission is to bring the world to your fingertips by creating a community of shoppers and travelers, where travel becomes more affordable and adventurous through the most reliable, original, and human delivery service in the world. Think, Lyft/Uber, but for products on an international level. I mean…how freakin’ amazing is that?!

Christina of Oh So Glam + I will be traveling to Santorini, Mykonos + Naxos to pick-up {what we’ve deemed} the best of the best fashions you need from these places! In additional to the 3 chosen sandal styles, be sure to shop our curated ‘GRECIAN SUMMER STYLE COLLECTION’ which includes items I actually purchased myself on our honeymoon, as well as several other must-haves. You’ll need to create an account with Grabr to place orders, and can ask me any questions in regards to your purchase through Grabr messages!

pre order nowAvailable in Plain Leather + Colored Embellishments

There have been some questions, so here’s a
1. Click ‘Request This Item’
2. Fill Out ‘Create Order’ page:
Enter city of YOUR shipping address
Enter ‘From’ Greece {where we will get the sandals}
Choose Delivery Date Preference {we will be shipping August 4}
4. Set Traveler’s Reward {this is the reward amount you offer your Traveler — that’s me! — for bringing you this item from abroad. Essentially your ‘shipping cost’}
5. Click ‘next’ and the site will prompt you to create your Grabr Account
6. Order Summary – here, in ‘Optional Comments,’ is where you will include your sandal size and whether you would like them Plain or Embellished

Then, your order is created + yours truly will go in and make you an offer!
Once I make you an offer, you have to accept, and that is when you will pay for the item. Here is the link to add your Payment Info, when you are logged in, in case you can’t find it.
Greek Leather SandalsSince Grabr is a peer-to-peer connection platform and not {currently} an e-commerce site, the purchase process is a little different than you might be used to, but hopefully this makes it easier to understand. If you have any questions at all, please let me know!
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Such a cool concept! Have fun!

such a cool concept! will definitely be placing LOTS of orders today — can’t wait for these pieces to come in!

xx christina

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