Happy {Good} Friday lovies! I’m thrilled to announce a new aspect I’m adding to the blog today. The first Friday of each month will be ‘Feature Friday’ where I will introduce you to an inspiring blog to check out! For the FIRST FEATURE FRIDAY ever I’ve teamed up with The Goodwill Project who will be sharing some tricks of the trade when it comes to thrifting…trust me, you’ll be learning from the pros.
The goodwill project_Feature Friday

The Challenge:
 post 1 daily outfit for 365 days where the main piece (or pieces) was purchased in a Goodwill thrift store. {Check out some of my fav looks below! – Kristin}

The Promise: quality, innovative, and wearable looks that you can put together with basic pieces from your closet and your lunch money!

The Ultimate Goal:  educate consumers and promote the motto of “fashion without a guilty conscience“. Preaching by example that you can wear a different outfit year-round without breaking the bank, and you can help the less fortunate at the same time.                       

The Goodwill Project Day 223 TIPS FOR THRIFTING:
from The Goodwill Project ladies

You have to think of thrifting as a treasure hunt. You really have to dig deep through the clutter to find a gem, so whenever you decide to go on a thrift hunt plan your day around it. Make sure you have a few hours to spare so that you can really take your time to look through everything.
Make it your advantage that “big”, slouchy clothes are in style and don’t worry too much about the size! If you like the item just hold on to it and at least try it on. When you are in the dressing room consider ways to make it fit better like adding a belt to an oversized dress to give it the right fit or taking the piece to your dry-cleaners to get altered.
When you are thrifting you cannot expect to find the latest trends hanging on a rack in every size for you convenience. The fun of it is not knowing what you might find, or where your thrifting might take you. So embrace the experience with an open mind and trust your instincts. If you think something is cute but you are not sure it fits your personal style or the current trends buy it anyway! The best thing about thrifting is discovering new things that you never knew you could pull off! After all, its easier to invest $3-8 dollars in something you might never wear than it is to invest $100! Take chances, we promise more often than not you’ll be delighted by the result!
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It would be awesome if the girls listed what peices came from Goodwill so we can see just how creative they got 😉

This is great! I need to hit some thrift stores…

Love this Friday feature! What a great idea and great thrifting tips! Wish we had the goodwill stores in Canada!

    Thanks Melissa! You should check out The Salvation Army – I believe they have locations in Canada!

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