London Town exploring_Calvary MuseumLondon Town exploring30London Town exploringLondon Town exploring4Being touristy with my bestie Ashley of SideSmile Style – we met through blogging, but our friendship has far exceeded the ‘world of the web’. Funny how things like that can happen. When I start feeling like I really don’t want to post another IG post in my life {we all have the anti-social media days, right?! please tell me I’m not the only one}, I love reflecting back on the many positive things that have come since launching LICP almost 4 years ago.London Town exploring5thanks Graphic Image for hooking us up with sweet passport covers + luggage tags!London Town exploring7Amazing balloon installation at Covent Garden – a large, popular square in central London. It’s full of shops, dining options, and amazing people watching. They often have different installations on display for onlookers to check out.London Town exploring8Architecture loving.Military-Mini-Skirt4full Military inspired look hereLondon Town exploring9London Town exploring11London Town exploring6Cheesin’ it up on our first day! I mean, when in London…
London Town exploring_Calvary Museum2 London Town exploring12TouristsLondon Town exploring2 London Town exploring13Mind the gap.London Town exploring15Taking a break on the green next to Big Ben.London Town exploring16The tube in London is seriously the easiest public transit I’ve ever experienced. Way clearer + easier than NYC. They have signs posts EVERYWHERE. Theres’ no way you can get lost.London Town exploring17Our home for the week – killer neighborhood and centrally located! Would highly recommend if you’re looking to visit London. Hotels can be a bit on the pricier side, but having easy access to multiple tube stations, and everyday conveniences like pubs + Starbucks, make it a winner in my book. Note that the hotel rooms in London are SMALL. Like smaller than NYC small.Black White Checkered Midi Skirtsee full Black + White Check Midi look hereLondon Town exploring19Such a vision in person. Unfrouantely I didn’t get to ride her {for the next visit}, but oh my goodness, the London Eye was amazing just to look at. You can’t really see in this picture, but a variety of country flags are on the underside of each carriage! I tried to wait for the good ‘ol US of A to come around, but the wheel moves slower than you might think. Ha.London Town exploring21London at night…such a beauty.London Town exploring8.5London Town exploring10There he is in all his glory..Big Ben!London Town exploring22Kensington neighborhood exploring. Black-White-Checkered-Midi-Skirt10see full Black + White Check Midi look hereLondon Town exploring23New designer duds, thanks to FarFecth.
London Town exploring20London Town exploring14 London Town exploring24Visit to the River Island flagship store! Complete with it’s own VIP shopping area {see above}, A + I were feeling so fancy fancy.London Town exploring25Pale Pink Hues at a presentation…to. die. for.London Town exploring26Kensington exploringKensington-in-Navy-Citron11see full Navy + Mustard look hereRed-Floral4Floral Midi Dress – check out the full outfit post!
London Town exploring27Colorful doors + pathways around Kensington are a MUST to go check out! So many photo worthy spots, not to mention it’s much more peaceful + a great break for the hectic-ness of the city center.
London Town exploring29River Island has been one of favor UK based brands for the past few years, so visiting one of their massive flagship stores to pull looks with their team was SO fun.

London Town exploring32 London Town exploring33Rooftop party overlooking Covent Garden Square {talk about location} for the Topshop x rewardStyle partyLondon Town exploring31Interesting note – breakfast, as we think of it here in America, is not really a thing in London {can’t speak for the rest of the UK}. Most cafe pretty much just serve pastries, pastries, and more pastries. After days of Ashley + I not being able to have just some freakin’ eggs for breakfast, we happily stumbled across the cutest cafe spot – The Black Penny – right down the street from our hotel! Not only did they serve up delicious eggs {totally hit the spot}, they have THE MOST incredible homemade blackberry jam – paired with freshly made sourdough bread. Not to mention the place itself is adorable. Is it weird to say this breakfast was probably my favorite meal of the trip?! Haha. Strange, but so true. London is definitely not what I would consider a ‘foodie’ place.London Town exploring34Roodtop sips in a Houndstooth number by Zara.Red Floral Midi DressFloral Midi Dress – check out the full outfit post!

This post has been a long time coming, so without further adieu…ello, London! Last September marked not only my first visit to London, but my first trip to Europe! Coming off the heels of NYFW, and off to London Fashion Week with two of my nearest + dearest {Ashley + Luccia}, I’d say it was a pretty epic way to introduce myself across the pond. Granted I know it’s been a while, but one of my goals for 2016 is to better document and share my travels with you guys! It’s never too late to describe an experience for the first time. And hey – perhaps this account will inspire some of you to take the trip!

Hope you enjoyed this little travel tidbit – there’s plenty more to come this year!

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sooOo excited to see this hit the blog! 😀 your london outfits were SO on point + looks like you got to do a good bit of exploring the city, too! so weird about the eggs — noted!

xo christina

Yes! I definitely have days where I want to get rid of all my social media. But it’s fun connecting with people from all over the globe. Also, London is such a beautiful city! Your wardrobe in this post is so lovely–it’s hard to pick my favorite. Although I really love the windowpane circle skirt and the Drew shoulder bag.

Happy Sunday

Ugh I am LOVING all of your pictures! London is at the very top of my bucket list, I want to go sooooooo badly but it just doesn’t work in our plans right now 🙁 Some day……some day…….

Beautiful travel pictures. Love your black white skirt

What a great post!
Loving London,

Love this, super cute.

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