Black Maxi Dress + Levinson JewelersBlack Maxi Dress + Levinson JewelersLevinson Jewelers statement bracelet Black Maxi Dress + Levinson Jewelers Black Maxi Dress + Levinson Jewelers Black Maxi Dress + Levinson JewelersLevinson Jewelers earrings Black Maxi Dress + Levinson Jewelers

Black Maxi Dress + Levinson Jewelers
Levinson Jewelers earrings

Levinson Jewelers earrings Levinson Jewelers earringsAll jewelry c/o Levinson Jewelers {chosen + styled by yours truly} | similar Black Maxi Dress | Strappy Heels | Snakeskin Clutch | Hair + Makeup c/o beGlammed

True story – growing up, I wasn’t really into jewelry. Shocking, I know. This was probably attributed to the fact that my Mom is not a huge jewelry lover. When I was in college {growing into my own style}, I think that was my first time in my life that I really experimenting with ‘fashion jewelry’. Naturally, this led to a love of fine jewelry. I vividly remember my first sapphire + diamond ring, given to my on my 21st birthday; from then on, I was hooked.

Levinson Jewelers is a local jeweler, and boy did I have fun playing dress up in the store a couple weeks ago. Manganite, sapphires, emeralds, diamonds – on my, I couldn’t get enough. I was practically dripping in jewels for this shoot, and while I wasn’t able to snag any to take home {darnit!}, seeing all the collections + designs they carry was enough to turn me into a customer for future purchases. While the Fort Lauderdale based brand is family owned + operated, there’s nothing mom + pop about the Levinson’s in-store/online selection. Glass cases containing timepieces + jewels from brands such as Gucci, Hermes, Mattioli, Bvlgari + so many more are continuously available.

photos by Luccia Lowenthal

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Absolutely stunning! Also beautiful jewelry pieces and in love with your dress.

Berty Morales
Mad For Fashion For Less!

Beautiful jewels with a classic black maxi.

Oh hey gorgeous!! Love this whole look.

xo Jessica

I’m a total sucker for slit maxi dresses, and this one is sooo classic!

Shae @ Current Habits

Love this look. So glamorous!

Alyssa | Glitter and Grey

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