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As I start to plan out my MBFW outfits for the upcoming season of fashion shows in NYC next month, I can’t help but want to add a million of these beauties to my closet…total swoon. I have a metallic snakeskin pair {last seen here}, but I’m ready to expend the collection a bit. One thing I’m pretty particular about when it comes to metallics is cost. If you’re going to buy a metallic pump, invest in something nice that doesn’t look cheap. All too often you see girls rocking this trend, but in all the wrong ways. Shine can easily turn….well, let’s just leave it to invest in this one {as a rule of thumb}!

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If only I could walk in these!! The blue ones are so pretty!

Love the collage. See you next month for NYFW!

Them’s some shiny shoes!!

I agree wholeheartedly about investing in these pretties. I’ve seen a lot of metallics at places like Charlotte Russe, and sure, girls are crazy over them because they’re going for around $20. But they are made so cheaply it’s not even funny. I mean cheap to the point where they just look tacky; it completely takes away from the wearer’s entire outfit. I think metallic heels can look classy, but it takes the right pair at the right quality.

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