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Pantone is home to millions of mood boards across the world. The color swatch company practically revolutionalized the idea behind aesthetic. Each and every year they release a new “color of the yearcolor of the year,” and to my delight, this year’s color is none other than Pantone Living Coral. Think Finding Nemo weaving through ocean corals in the Great Barrier Reef! Coral tones have been thriving throughout 2019, and that’s no coincidence. What’s so incredible about Pantone’s yearly pick is that it’s not just applicable to the paint you use in your home, but transcends across all industries: fashion, beauty, home, wedding, paper goods, etc. If you think about it, you’ve probably seen a lot of Pantone Living Coral lately. 

Each year I love tracking down products that embody Pantone’s color of the year. Previously seen with greenery {still a personal favorite} and radiant orchid. Today, I’m excited to share some of my favorite’s in the Pantone Living Coral family.


This playful shade is meant to enable connection and encourage light-hearted activity. Living Coral has swept through homes to the tune of accent bathroom walls, patterned wallpaper, statement sofas, and delicately patterned napkins. The playful side of life is reinforced through the warm, yet mellow vibrancy Pantone Living Coral offers. With summer upon us, expect to see patio furniture and outdoor living following in the footsteps of this trend. I suspect you’ll begin to see it pop up in your neighbor’s homes {if you haven’t already}!


You’ll be flushing pink in no time! Coral is no stranger in the beauty world, but having it be dubbed color of the year, makes playing up all your coral crush all the more fun. This girly hue is textbook perfect. For just about every occasion from a night on the town to a morning farmer’s market, a hint of coral on a dewy face makes for an extraordinary duo. I personally adore the rosy, fresh glow of a little coraly pink on my cheeks – have been wearing this hue for years!


I bet Pantone never imagined that they’d be inspiring the fashion industry through their yearly color selection, but I promise you, they’ve done just that. The Spring 2019 staple has become subtle whiffs of coral netted in with the most stylish of outfits. Whether that looks like a darling pair of heels or a bright beach bag, the trend remains.

Love this color trend?

1. Printed Napkins  | 2. Circle Earrings | 3. Floral Art Prints | 4. Liquid Blush | 5. Ankle Strap Tied Heels | 6. Floral Skirt | 7. Straw Beach Bag | 8. Bud Vase | 9. Scented Candle | 10. Sofa

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Beautiful selection of items! The coral sofa would be a gorgeous accent pIece in a living room that is white and navy or turquoise and gold.

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