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On the 11th Day of #LICPChristmas, Urbanears gives to you…
Eleven Headphones {color + style may vary}

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I like the color Rowan.

I love the blues! 🙂

Love these!!

Great lipstick color!
Love the color you featured here or the grape 🙂


Mulberry is my fave color!

The indigo are my fav.

Lilac is definitely my favorite! (:

So many colors it’s hard to choose – either tomato orrr cobalt!

I would love the cobalt blue one!

You look great. Merry Christmas!

LOVE all the colors!! But my heart melts for the teal 8)

I levee the HUMLAN MBMJ OIL color 🙂

I am loving Tomato!

I love the cobalt or the mint ones in your photo!

Loving Indigo!

Those headphones in a simple black!

Julep is lovely

I would choose black.

So stylish! Thanks for the giveaways!! Merry christmas

Indigo is my favorite!

Loving the INDIGO color!

I love the white! So classic 🙂

These headphones are so freakin cute!

I adore the lilac ones

I’ve been eyeing these for a year! They look comfy and not bulky like most headphones!

Out of all of the great colors that they have available my favorites would be cobalt for a pop of color or moss for a more subtle color.

I love the mint ones that you featured but the tomato are cute as well! Love their selection.

I love that tomato color and the grape! Such a variety!

Cobalt …. or citrus!! Loving them all!

White definitely! Or maybe citrus! 🙂

love the lilac and cobalt blue hehe

So funky!

I love the white headphones since they would go with anything!

I love Urbanears! I’m loving the all white color.

Super cute photos!



Seriously one of my favorite Instagram accounts and fashion bloggers!

Love the Julep 🙂

I am in love with the cobalt color! Thanks for doing these giveaways.. So much fun!

I love Lilac, thanks!

White or Citrus. Love all of them though! 🙂

I like the lilac!

The lilac is a great color!

White is my fav!

The lilac is really pretty!

I absolutely love the lilac!!! These headphones are so perfect!

Loving citrus the most! So pretty!

I love Cobalt!!

Julep is such a fun, unexpected, fabulous color! I love it 🙂

xoxo, SS

Love the white!

I like Lilac.

Loving the Cobalt!

Love the blue one

i like the lilac


oh my goodness I totally wanted headphones for christmas and my husband tried to buy me some black friday. they were in the cart and purchased!! and THEN they told us they were out of stock!! so I’m ready to WIN!

Love the lilac!

Oh and I love the julep – so bright

Too fun and too beautiful! What a great item for a plane trip or car ride! Thanks for all your giveaways!

i really like the cobalt

Love the color you are wearing and the cobalt ones!

I’m loving the cobalt ones

Love these!

I love the bright aqua/turquoise pair that you’re modeling! Happy Holidays 🙂

xo, Maddy


Pink looks awesome!

I like the cobalt ones!

I love the Julep color! My husband has a pair of yellow and they are so cute!

I love the colour you are wearing! I like the indigo as well

I love the Grape and Dark Grey headphones but the color your wearing is my favorite color!

I am so happy these pictures came out amazing, I had so much fun doing this shoot with you!

Happy Holidays Kristin!


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