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As y’all might remember, I co-hosted an amazing day with a few Charleston friends in celebration of the anticipation of ChappyWrap blankets’ re-brand. Well today is finallyyyy the day! The New England born brand has officially launched an entire new collection of blanket designs to celebrate this new chapter! You might even see some familiar faces on the new site! 🙂


ChappyWrap blankets is owned + operated by Mother + Daughter duo, Beth and Christina. Having witnessed their relationship first hand, it’s clear that warmth and love for family is truly infused into each and every one of their products. It’s a rarity that should be celebrated and supported! Especially in the current age of big-box retailers.

ChappyWrap came about in 2006 when the family felt a lack in the market for sizable, durable and comfortable {most key} blankets. They had a blanket growing up that became somewhat of a family heirloom after providing a sense of warmth and protection over the years during ‘sick days’. I think that’s something we can all related to. There’s nothing I’d rather do then cozy up on the couch with my favorite blanket on a day I’m not feeling the greatest. ChappyWrap blankets fit that need to a tee.


There’s not another blanket quite like a ChappyWrap blanket – even my husband agrees! ‘On a mission to produce high-quality blankets made from a plush, natural-cotton blend and high-performance fibers, versus those constructed solely of synthetic fibers like polyester or polar fleece.’ Their quest for perfection landed them at a factory based in Germany. Where their unique jacquard designs are woven to this day – from sailboats to lobsters! A location known for heirloom-esk products, and an unbelievable knack for quality control. The factory actually hand-inspects each blanket before it ships. Making each and every one that much more special and perfect in your home.

They truly say it best, and ‘make the best blanket you’ll ever own’. Thank goodness we have a few to choose from in our household now! That way we can BOTH have the best blanket on the couch! Haha.

photos by Julia Dags
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Thank you for the introduction to this wonderful brand! The herring run print is my favorite.

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