14 Valentines Day ideas

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, Valentine’s Day comes around everything year && EVERYONE deserves to celebrate somehow! It’s not just a day for your guy to put in all the effort {ok, maybe most of the effort}, but a time for you to show your appreciation as well! I personally adorable the loveee holiday and like doing sweet things to make others feel special {even my Mom sends me something for vday every year, so it’s in my blood}.

We all enjoy gifts on Valentine’s Day, but I think it’s the little sweet things that people do for one another that really count.
Here are a couple ideas I’ve personally done, seen friends do, or simply inspired by Pinterest:

For your man

1. Little hidden loves notes around the house while he’s getting ready in the morning/in his car / EXAMPLE
2. Line the stairs or hallway leading to the bedroom with candles / EXAMPLE
3. Balloons hanging from the ceiling with love notes/reasons you love him inside / EXAMPLE
4. Make a Valentine themed breakfast {save dinner for him to plan} / EXAMPLE
5. Cold weather? Roses in the snow leading up to the front door or in the backyard with an outdoor fire pit / EXAMPLE
6. Handmake a ‘Be Mine’ Valentine card / EXAMPLE

Valentines Day with your besties

1. Old school single flower-grams left on the doorstep! Sort of like a secret Valentine from middle school
2. Make individual packaged sweet treat {homemade only!} / EXAMPLE
3. Plan a girls night in! It could be a wine + cheese night, crafting party {maybe this is just my thing}, or movie marathon
4. Organize a girls night out, duh. Get a group of girlies together & hit the town!
5. Besties live far away? Most of my BFF’s don’t live in the same city as me, so sending cute little notes ahead of time via snail mail makes for a sweet surprise / EXAMPLE

For yourself

1. Pick or buy yourself a bushel of fresh flowers! They’ll brighten up your home and smell delish
2. Make some herbal body scrub and take a hot bubble bath + at-home mani/pedi / EXAMPLE
3. Grab a Redbox, tub of ice cream and/or chocolate and indulge…no, this is not sulking, it’s indulging!

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Great ideas. I really need to remember to do things for myself occasionally. And for my friends of course 🙂

This reminds me of when I was in middle school, the school had the coolest program where you could send someone a Hersheys hug (I guess kisses were too grown up for us middle schoolers 😉 and a little card for, oh, I think 50 cents. It was so cheap & we sent tons of them- and the school probably made a buttload of cash off of it too!


Cute ideas! 🙂

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