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About a week ago I went to the Festival Flea Market in Pompano, FL to explore. I’ll admit, I was slightly apprehensive about the trip, only because I {like so many shoppers} tend to think negatively about Flea Markets – for whatever reason. I’m here to squash that bias today, there’s nothing to be afraid of…in fact, the flea market was another great excuse to exercise my thrifting skills {which you all know I’m all about}!

I was shocked at how many designer pieces were sprinkled all around. Some were replicas {Tory Burch}, but many vendors offer genuine luxury goods. I came across some gorgeous Tiffany & Co. and Cavalli sunglasses, along with a slew of Big Buddha and Steve Madden handbags. The prices are surprisingly pretty standard, but there’s a huge selection all in one place.

TIP: Don’t be afraid to haggle with the sellers. Yes, there are price tags on most items, but they are willing to work with you. Put a smile on your face and name your price!

Hillsboro Antique Mall, Festival Flea Market, pompano thrifting, south florida thrifting

The ‘Hillsboro Antique Mall’ just may have been my favorite aspect of the entire afternoon – definitely will be a place on my list to revisit. There’s no way I could take enough pictures to show you how massive this mall is, uh-mazing. Every nook and cranny is packed to the brim with hidden gems: jewelry, glassware, china, collectables, home decor, handmade treasures, chandeliers, the list goes on and on! The staff is so sweet and helpful, it’s easy to get caught up in here for hours {no joke}. I even scored myself an antique textured gold chain and tortoise necklace {hang tight to see it in an upcoming outfit post}.

TIP: the mall is ‘sectioned’ by seller, so be sure to give yourself plenty of time to walk the entire floor so you don’t miss a thing!

festival flea market in pompano, south florida thrifting, antique mall, farmer's market

Yes, there’s even food – and A LOT of it! The Farmer’s Market was loaded with fresh produce at a fraction of the cost at the grocery store. Fresh baked bread, bagels and pastries are also available.

TIP: Get there early in the morning {especially on the weekend} – this place gets packed, and I can see why!

The Festival Flea Market is debuting it’s Summer Scavenger Hunt this weekend – August 4th
Each week 4 scavenger hunt items will be posted on their Facebook Page and Twitter {connect with both to stay in the loop}! Participants must find and take photos with all 4 items to redeem, at the information booth, and receive 20 festi-value dollars {helloooo…free money to shop!}
Find all 4 items and be entered into a weekly $50 raffle and a Grand Prize raffle of $100 shopping spree!
HINT: you can also receive an additional 5 festi-dollars if you tweet about the scavenger hunt!

CLICK HERE for official rules and details

Festival Flea Market – 2900 West Sample Rd. – Pompano Beach, FL 33073

— This post was made possible by the Festival Flea Market. All photos and opinions are my own of course —

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I found you on Facebook! Well done on an outstanding social media campaign

Thanks, A very useful information .

Definitely a MUST go!
Thanks Kristin for keep us informed and amused.

I love those clutches! I would definitely want to visit if I were ever visiting my best friend in the area!

    Put it on your list of ‘things to do’ next time you’re down in SoFla 😉

Mmm what a fab idea for Sunday with the girls! I lived in soFla for 20 years && never knew this even existed — thanks Kristin!

Also, GREAT tip about haggling the price! I’ve found that you can usually knock 20% off the sticker at a market if you haggle properly… i.e. MORE GOODIES!

    It’s funny how we can learn about a new place even in our own backyard! Definitely a place to check out. There’s some amazing finds at great prices (bonus)!

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